How to get your attention to read my content?
50% of words on a printed publication are most likely not needed in digital.

Over 3.5 million searches are conducted via Google every minute. How do we make sure your content is interesting enough for someone to take the time to read it?

Making sure that a user has enough information to make a decision like a purchase online is key for your business and it is strictly connected with the experience they had while on your site.

Streamlining your content is complementary to delightful user experience and it will potentially translate into a purchase.

So, let’s assume that your site already loads quick enough (less than 3 seconds) and that you have an audience (meaning you have overcome the early stages of web writing) but now you have 8 seconds to convince your visitor of that really special product that you are offering or that incredible offer you have.

Hang on…wait Why only 8 seconds?

Current studies show that humans have currently only 8 seconds of attention span. Meaning we will move into something else in 8 seconds if it doesn’t grab our attention.

we don?t like reading online

How to get your attention in 8 seconds to read my content?

I’ll say it in 8 steps

  1. KISS: Keep it simple simple…. very simple. Simple language, simple message
  2. Use short sentences that focus on the CTA (call to action…what you want me to do next)
  3. Offer an unexpected experience. Tricky one, here is where you have to be very creative and make sure that every click is like opening a door to a delightful experience.
  4. Keep your links to the minimum. Focus on the one thing you want me to do next.
  5. Don’t use only words…is a website, not a book.
  6. Keep an eye on elements around, that support your content.
  7. Avoid repetition and clichés. If the message is clear and the next step also, you don’t need to say it twice.
  8. Go visual, consider a short video over a long list of specifications.

There is a lot to learn but there is also a lot of role models out there. IM Views highlights some apps already ahead in the game in regards to content marketing strategies.

“Content marketing has a huge learning curve and everyone who intends to take his site to the next level needs to learn how to do it well.” – IM Views

If I still have your attention

While creating content for web keep in mind that there will always be other elements to support the user.

So, in terms of text keep it short and concentrate on the “other” elements:

  • A 3D model of your products may say more than a long list of features
  • Reviews of your product or services by real people. It will help to boost users’ confidence
  • Numbers: whether is the prices or specs, I will always prefer to have them on my face. It will attract more attention than a sugar-coated marketing cliché description.
  • Give the chance to take questions. Engage with your potential users. Consider using a Virtual assistant chat.

Why should you bother?

Because ultimately, we have reached that point where a goldfish will dedicate more time to check your product than a person.

Who is reading your content?

Words are ultimately not as sexy as a nice realistic image or video clip. And we can’t be bothered reading all those marketing sloppy stock statements. We have no time for that.

What about podcasts? Do you think about podcasts as supporting content for your services/products sales?

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