Don’t have time to enhance your visitors’ experience?
What is the minimum you need to do to improve your readers' experience?
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Your new product is out, your website is set but is not ideal.

You don’t seem to get your clients attention or have a decent conversion ?rate. However, you have no time for audience research nor testing.

Your programming skills are not the best and you have enough with all the marketing you have to do.

How could you possibly stop and think about personas, testing, user journeys, funnels, etc? Here we tell you what is the minimum you need to do to enhance your visitors’ experience.

First, do you really need to look into user experience?

Hell yes! Imagine you walk in a shop where the shelves don’t seem to have any pattern, there are no signs of where to find things and no one is around to help with their brand new sophisticated payment system. Chances you will walk out in less than a few seconds, I would!

Now imagine your customer getting to your website and finding it really confusing, it seems like a good product is on sale but doesn’t seem to find the right information about it or where should I go next if he or she wants to buy.

Just like you in the confusing shop, your potential customer will be out of there in less than a second.

Do you see where I’m going?

OK, but still where do I find the time to go into the whole UX thing?

First, understand that UX is not a one-off exercise. You need to continuously assess your customer satisfaction and their experience while visiting your website.

A website evolves and your UX needs to evolve at the same time.
Little tasks (80/20 rule) can bring great insights and input for your next move.

So, what’s the minimum you need to do to enhance your visitors’ experience?

Your users’ needs! If you need to focus on one thing, this is it.

Top tip 1: Keep your communication channel with your users open at all times. Not only regarding your sales, rather turn the focus attention to them and ask them what you could do better to make their life easier while visiting your website.

Top tip 2: Look out for arising trends that will change the way people interact with the website. For example:

Across 33 rich countries, only 5% of the population has high computer-related abilities, and only a third of people can complete medium-complexity tasks. (Jakob Nielsen)

How to keep an open channel with your visitors and survive?

Haters will hate so complainers will complain. Give them a chance to do so. Wait what? Crazy me. If you want to know what is wrong, you have to aim for complainers.

1. Public surveys 

These are key to get as much feedback as possible. I have done it many times and it is a very powerful tool if done correctly.

2. Interviews ( keep them talking )

Users will be interested in knowing more about you. Give them the chance while you get insights on their needs. Don’t forget to have a thick skin.

3. Test, test and repeat

Evolve your website and test each time use those same complainers for your user testing, you may need to motivate them with a little something but you will get great feedback that will help you improve your site.

Quick reference for skim readers

  1. Get feedback and volunteers by surveying your actual web visitors.
  2. Survey on social media for potential visitors
  3. Offer an incentive and get them to test your new website or have an honest talk about their experience.

Over to you: Drop me a line if you want to share your experiences while enhancing your website.

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